RPS Associateship

RPS Associateship

On the 14th March 2012 I was happy to be awarded my Associateship by the Royal Photographic Society. This gallery contains the images that were used for my assessment.

The Statement of Intent

For the Associateship level you are required to provide a brief statement of intent to go along with the images, here is what I had to say about the images below…

“My intention with this panel of images is to provide a small taste of the wide variety of scenes that can be found within our islands. My main focus is on the mountainous and coastal landscapes of the British Isles where it is sometimes still possible to obtain a sense of timeless wilderness although sometimes set against the works of man both modern and ancient.

I have always felt very close to the landscape and coastline of Britain and walking through it rarely fails to inspire the mind and restore a feeling of balance to an otherwise chaotic life. It is my hope that with these images I can in some small way communicate these feelings to you the viewer.”