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David Goodier David Goodier wrote on January 31, 2015:
Hi Paul - I'm just following up your reply to my ARPS question in the RPS forum (Mike Rowe suggested to follow your weblink). These lovely images totally prove me wrong about my thoughts of 'pretty' images not being the sort of thing people pass their A with; so BIG thanks for your comments and some inspirational photos too 🙂

I've been to a couple of these spots but never in such nice light, though I have been VERY lucky this year with my Lake District trips

Right  - off to plan more for my A panel now

Antonio Shalders Antonio Shalders wrote on November 26, 2014:
Excellent work ! Well done my dear !
Simon Lawrence Simon Lawrence wrote on August 14, 2013:
Excellent website, beautiful landscapes and thank you for the inspiration to work towards my LRPS.  Shame your blog appears to be empty as I am sure you have alot of stories and knowledge to pass on.
Pam Mackenzie Pam Mackenzie wrote on June 19, 2013:
Just planning my first trip to Sandwood Bay so browsed the images online for inspirsation and came across your website. What wonderful images, just about the best I've seen and the Sandwood shot is fantastic, probably my favourite and so different  a view. I will bear it in mind when get my camera out at Sandwood.  Thanks for the inspiration 
Ian Crowson Ian Crowson wrote on May 22, 2013:
Excellent and and easy to use site with some very enjoyable photography.
Ned Ward Ned Ward wrote on April 26, 2013:
Fabulous photography, a standard to aspire to. The lonesome trees are exquisite. No one favourite image for me, they are all good.

Regards, Ned.
Jamie Bulloch Jamie Bulloch wrote on August 24, 2012:
Paul, these are some of the very best images of Scotland, my homeland, you need to talk to Visit Scotland!, I am certain they would love to use your images to promote tourism. I visit Skye regularly and viewing your pictures makes me bemoan being back in Cheshire, too many superb shots to pick a favourite, these images tell us all about the best times of the day to get very best light and the best chances of enhancing any scene, thank you for sharing,

Ian Etchells Ian Etchells wrote on May 21, 2012:
Hi Paul
I have enjoyed seeing your work on the RPS site and this is my first visit here - fabulous images. Too many good ones to find real favourites, but I was particularly drawn by the Loch Maree pair and Walker's Hill sunrise. 
I'll be back 🙂

Antonio Fernando Shalders Antonio Fernando Shalders wrote on November 29, 2011:
Excellent work in all aspects. Congratulations !
Robin Chun Robin Chun wrote on November 5, 2011:
Stunning images Knightstone Island!  btw I too am from Bristol and your birthday is the day before mine,though you have youth on your side!

Stuart Pratt Stuart Pratt wrote on October 13, 2011:
Some lovely images here Paul. For me, St Michaels Mount stands out. I'm not quite sure why, but the balance is just superb. Also love the wreck shot at sunset - very graphic.  Get about a bit, don't you?